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In 1998, the Children’s Movement for Peace in Colombia became the first children’s organization to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The same year I travelled to Colombia to write a report that would be submitted to the Nobel Committee in support of their nomination.

Out of War tells the story of the Children’s Movement for Peace woven through nine first person stories of children who grew up in violence, yet chose to make peace. Out of War is also available in French as “La paix pour les enfants” and in Spanish as “Constructores de Paz.” Read excerpts, analysis, more stories, reviews here

Out of War is also available as an audiobook as part of the Scholastic Read180 series. Beautifully crafted for young or adolescent readers with annotated notes to help readers understand the language. Purchase through Amazon here

A fast-paced zoological murder-mystery. American journalist Sam Hawthorne discovers some brutally murdered victims on a lonely stretch of road in Tsavo National Park. The assassins are eco-warriors who claim to be protecting elephants. Then the terrorists attack the research base of Hawthorne's ex-lover, Maya Saito, an expert in elephant communication. “Cameron lays out a complex, timely story with dexterity. The plot successfully incorporates zoology, a murder mystery and African politics…. Cameron, who has worked with an elephant research team in Kenya, moves with assurance from one point of view to another, developing believable characters and maintaining an unobtrusive narrative voice. She knows how to take the reader to unexpected places en-route to an unforeseen destination.” Publisher's Weekly Review  

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Colombia La Paix Constructores Natual Enemies Natual Enemies Out of War: True stories from the front lines of the Children’s Movement for Peace in Colombia Natural Enemies: A novel

Natural Enemies won a Turner Tomorrow Award from Ted Turner and the Edward Abbey Award for Eco-Fiction.

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