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Much of this work was originally produced for UNICEF

Natural Enemies - Turner Tomorrow Award

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In 1990, Ted Turner offered the Turner Tomorrow Award for unpublished novels set in the near future that dealt positively with environmental themes. The judges included Nadine Gordimer, Carlos Fuentes, William Styron, Wallace Stegner, Ray Bradbury, and Peter Mathiessen, among others.

The overall winner was Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. Natural Enemies was one of three other prizewinners that included Necessary Risks by Janet Keller and The Bully Pulpit by Andrew Goldblatt.

In 1994, Natural Enemies also won the Edward Abbey Award for Ecofiction.

From 1978 to 1980 I worked in Kenya with renowned elephant experts Iain and Oria Douglas Hamilton. Natural Enemies grew out of that experience. It’s a thriller but the heart of the book is about elephant communication. Here is an excerpt.

At the Turner Tomorrow Awards ceremony in New York, May 1991.

Far Left, from left Ted Turner, Daniel Quinn, myself, Andy Goldblatt, Janet Keller, Jane Fonda

Centre, with Jane Fonda.

Photos George McBean