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Originally produced for UNICEF

Songs of the girls…               

Ahmed Mohamed Ebaid, 13 years, Eial Zaied Nomad School, Kawahla Tribe, Near Um Badr

You shouldn’t be admired by the sheep owner

Who becomes famous because of his money

Nor by the cattle owner

Who brings a lot of milk and oil to the shops

You should love the boy who is a camel owner

Free in his movement like a community dog,

Moving to and fro.

Hamad Fadul El Mulla, 12 years, Eial Zaied Nomad School, Kawahla Tribe, Near Um Badr

You, Zeinaba, truly you deserve that name,

Too delicate and tender are you,

To fast the Holy Ramadan

Eat and drink and your sins will shoulder all

Today the camels come along Omdurman road

With their rider Hassan vigorously driving

The girl with the long hair

Shrouded with perfumed and fragrant smoke

She wounded me deep

All these years I am still sickened.

Goz El-Marech School for Nomads

Kawahla Tribe, near Um Badr

Let us go with the goats to the fields

There we will find the rich grass and fresh water

Let’s go, let’s go

And take our rest under the trees

And drink some fresh water

We sing to the trees, we love the trees

And value the greenness of the valley

I love this country

Care for it by night and day

And sing for it.

Songs of the boys...