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Much of this work was originally produced for UNICEF

India Tanzania Sudan

Working for equality in India

Villages fit for children in Papua New Guinea

The impact of drought in Kenya

Schools for the children of nomads, in Sudan

Bangladesh Colombia Senegal

Making peace with children in Colombia

Schools for working children in Bangladesh

Saving infant lives in Nepal

On the vaccine trail in Senegal

In-depth case studies from Bangladesh, India, Papua New Guinea and Sudan explore communities in transformation with child rights at the centre. Includes first-person testimonials of the transforming impact of social change

Stories on the vaccine trail in Senegal, Iraq on the eve of invasion; the most tragic room in Kanti Children’s Hospital, Nepal;  and the courageous struggle for peace led by children in Colombia.

Much of this work was originally produced for UNICEF

Photo top  left: Donna Decesare. Others Sara Cameron

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